Honoring the Life of 5+Founding Partner, Tim Magill

December 04, 2018

It is with deep sadness that we mourn the passing of a founding partner and longtime friend, Timothy Magill. Tim was one of five founding partners of 5+design. His work, sacrifice and dedication helped establish the foundation of this company and contributed greatly to our overall versatility and the fluid exchange of ideas and approaches. Always up for a challenge and seemingly never faltered by constraints, Tim handled work, people and situations with an infallible level of composure and focus. He could address a room of thousands as if it were a small gathering and took every opportunity to share what he knew with others. Tim was a true scholar, thinker and leader who treated those around him equally, despite who they were, or the position they held. He was an incredible source of inspiration who loved life, his profession, and most of all, his wife and their two daughters. Though finite in time, Tim’s legacy will continue to impact us as a company and will live on in the knowledge he passed to those who worked closely with him. We celebrate his life and thank him for the immense contributions he gave to us. He will greatly be missed, and we will continue on in his memory.

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