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Barwa Master Plan

New Cairo City, Egypt

Barwa New Cairo City is designed into neighborhood districts linking to the Town Center and exterior roads. Catering to local neighborhoods, the development has retail and commercial at ground and second level with residential units above. As part of the detailed master plan development are multi-family residential communities surrounding the central ring park, which includes shaded neighborhood scaled parks and plazas providing an outdoor space centered in the commercial neighborhood. Each neighborhood consists of a variety of housing types including apartments, town homes, duplex and penthouse that follows the principals of traditional neighborhood design. Located in the center of the site are the professional golf clubhouse, a resort hotel, and exclusive villa clusters. The visual appeal and green lifestyle of the development makes Barwa New Cairo City a highly desirable place to live, work, and play.

5+design Team:
Tim Thurik, Mark Welz, Young Rhee, Mi Sun Lim, Victoria Brash, Randy Brockman, Irfan Shaikh, Manish Sharma

Barwa New Cairo Real Estate

Project Type:
Master Plan

Retail, Residential, Hotel, Office, Business Park, Entertainment, Medical Complex

Site Area:
1,018,681 square meters

Building Area:
1,283,473 square meters