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Del Amo Fashion Center

Torrance, California

The newly reimagined Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, California uses light, glass and elevation to create distinctive, responsive retail spaces that invite exploration. Like a museum’s galleries, Del Amo’s open, sophisticated design highlights the display character of retail in expansive storefronts and creates a welcoming public realm.

Across 2.2 million square feet, Del Amo blurs the lines between the inside and outside as a way to naturally express South Bay’s beach lifestyle and its connection to the outdoors. A living wall infuses the food court with planted green foliage while open-air terraces, glass-topped atriums and luxuriant greenery reinforce this connection throughout the project.

5+design Team:
Tim Magill, Mark Welz, Jeffrey Kleeger, Anadelia Robles, Alice Leung, Shanon Binger, Calvin Huang, Manish Sharma, Daniel Gray, Susan Long, Aga Bachelder, Josh Hanley, Kelsey Dampier, Sean Anderson, Daniel Penick, Mayura Dhume, Rob Nickell, Stacey Thomas, Laura Lehman, Manabu Leventhal, Sean Oh, Tim Do, Jeremy Quinn, Carl Horner, Mark Commentz, Warren Riggs

Simon Property Group

Completed 2016

Project Type:

Retail, restaurant, entertainment

Site Area:
120 acres

Building Area:
2,230,000 square feet