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Quantum of the Seas

International Waters

Quantum of the Seas, the first of Royal Caribbean Cruises’ new Quantum series of ships, represents the next chapter in 5+design’s successful partnership with the travel company. For this vessel, scheduled to launch in 2014, 5+design has designed Two70°, a unique multifunctional indoor entertainment space in the form of a glass-enclosed great room with elliptically terraced seating, a restaurant, a bar and a library. By day, the three-deck-tall room at the rear of the ship will serve as a gathering spot where guests can enjoy meals, games, reading and lounging while surrounded by a 270-degree view of the water outside the window walls. By night, the room will morph into an exciting venue for parties, dancing and performances featuring actors, musicians or aerialists – all against a backdrop of digital projections that bring breathtaking outdoor scenes indoors.

5+design has conceived Two70° by maximizing the versatility of both its architecture and décor. Intimate conversation areas for couples, families and small groups will be laid out within the larger space. The stage, bandstands and dance floor will be movable so sets can be reconfigured for different productions. Lighting and audio speakers will be embedded in walls, floors and the ceiling to provide an immersive sensory experience. Multipurpose furniture and accessories will include seating that is equally comfortable for dining, lounging and theater viewing, room dividers that can be lowered into the floor and chandeliers that can be raised above sight lines.

5+design Team:
Tim Magill, Mark Welz, Susan Long, Aga Bachelder, Josh Hanley,  Rachel Brockman, Kelsey Dampier, Sabina Cheng, Peter Wilson, Daniel Gray, Manabu Leventhal, Daniel Penick, Jeremy Quinn, Ying Song, Andres Calzada, Sareen Borotian-Proudian, Sean Anderson, Scott Towar, Shanon Binger, Blake Bethards, Mohamed ElSheikh, Marshall Ford, Melissa Hsu, Terry Chen, Victoria Brash, Ying Song, Cindy Qi, Irina Krusteva, Warren Riggs, Carl Horner, Mark Commentz, Manish Sharma

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Completed November 2014

Project Type:
Cruise ship interiors

Entertainment, restaurants, retail